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A few of our satisfied customers...
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-  Sun Microsystems
-  Intel
-  Ibiden Circuits
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-  Advanced Components Lab
-  Price Printed Circuits
-  Microconnex
-  DSL Labs

HDI Solutions is your E-Test Service Partner

HDI Solutions provide the best in E-test solutions customized to your particular needs. By combining our extensive experience with the superior measurement capability of Hioki's electrical testers, we can accommodate nearly any need. For electrical testing, we specialize in the following categories:

  • Fine Pitch Flexible Circuits
  • MCM (Multi Chip Module) and Ceramic Packages
  • Fine Pitch (< 25 micron lines)
  • Embedded Passives (Resistors/Capacitors)
  • Via Resistance Measurements at Pre- and Post Reflow
  • True pattern resistance measurement from milliohm to Mega-ohm

HDI Solutions can do it all with quick programming and turnaround. Please email or call us at (408)733-6700 and let us solve your e-test problems!

Send us your gerber data and test requirements for expected test time and a quote.

 Acoustic Imaging Service Now Available!

HDI Solutions is pleased to announce that to offer CSAM acoustic inspection and analysis services for semiconductor package applications using the Hitachi FineSAT FS300 II system.


Please call HDI Solutions at (408)733-6700 to discuss your package R&D and Reliability issues to find out the small voids, thin delaminations and cracks in the stacked-dies.











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