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HITACHI FineSAT III Series: FS100/FS200/FS300

NEW!!! Now Available FineSAT Type 5 series : twice faster, better!

Product Classification: High speed Scanning Acoustic Tomograph (SAT)

Product Description: Hitachi's state-of-the-art SAT series, awarded with more than 6 US patents.

Product Applications: Ultrafine acoustic inspection of semiconductor devices including stacked die, system-in-package, SOI, MEMS, MLCCs etc.

Product Highlights:

  • Maximum Scanning Speed: 1000 mm/sec or 2000 mm/sec (for High Speed Version)
  • High Definition Imaging: 67 Mega-pixel (8192 x 8192 pixels), 0.5mm resolution
  • System Bandwidth: Matches up to 500MHz
  • Available Probes : a partial list from over a hundred different probes HITACHI offered!
  • Ultra High Sampling Rate
    • 300MHz (ZnO)
    • 200MHz (ZnO), selectable focal lengths 1.9 mm to 8.1 mm
    • 140MHz (ZnO), selectable focal lengths
    • 85MHz (ZnO)  long focal length for encapsulated packages
    • 75MHz and below (Ceramics)
    • Conventional and Focused Transmission Probes, 10-25MHz
  • Features and Options
    • Automatic Probe Recognition
    • One click image acquisition with S-Image feature
    • Easy Recipe retrieval with Image Index
    • 3D Volumetric Scan
    • Grid-Scan Mode for production automation
    • Through-transmission and Non-immersion scanning
    • Easy Waveform Capture and Quick Report Preparation
  • Auto Water-Tank Lifter Option
  • Water Filtration and bath temperature control unit
  • MLCC dedicated configurations available!
  • Auto loader option available for product wafers or JEDEC trays!
  • Ask about giant scan area systems for samples up to 15 ft.

Additional Information:              

Click to downlod technical document (1.5MB) What Can Be Achieved? Click to download 1.5MB pdf document! State-of-the-art application achievements by informative acoustic imaging: Great Expectation for  Hitachi FineSAT Professional Users.

Download technical paper on HITACHI advanced ZnO Probes as reprinted from Chip Scale Review 2007 issue.
Click here for a gallery of images generated with FineSAT technology!
Click here for an introduction to Ultrasonic Inspection with many sample application images. (6.7MB, right-click to save)

Click here for the FineSAT Series brochure.

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