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1270, 1271, and 1272 X-Y Board HiTesters

Product Classification: Cost effective Dual Sided Bare Board Tester with precision probing

Product Description: The 1270 Tester  series provide simultaneous four arms, dual-sided testing. This tester can be configured with four-terminal Kelvin probes to measure very small resistances in patterns and microvias.

Product Applications: This series of electrical tester is designed for all purpose: from open/short testing to low resistance measurement for packages regular PWBs as well as packages. 1270 series is suitable for both large boards and high density package panels of BGA, CSP and MCM. The system can be configurable to the highest end of a flying probe tester.

Product Highlights:

  • Super Cost Effective Tester Series
  • High Speed Detection of Opens and Shorts by Capacitance measurement method.
  • Conventional Open/Short detection by Continuity check.
  • Patented high quality test routine of open/short testing by resistance/capacitance Measurements
  • Detection of High Resistance Shorts
  • Suitable for via and or pattern resistance characterization
  • Complete set of Electrical Measurement Functions for all your embedded components, diodes, L, C, R including capability of measuring individual resistance in a bridge or delta resistor networks
  • Easy Board Handling 
  • Very High Probing Accuracy: production proven for 20 micron pads
  • Fine pitch: 4 mil pitch without staggering effort in resistance mode
  • Unnoticeable Probe Indentation Masks under 100x
  • Isolated Pad Detection
  •  500 Mega Ohm Isolation, dc 250 V at 1 V step setting
1270 Series Comparison
ModelTest Area
13 x 16 inch
20 x 24 inch
24 x 32 inch





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