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Partnership that Focuses on Exceeding Your eTest Expectation

Hioki EE Corporation Profile.

Backed by 80 years of market-leading experience in electrical measurement technology, HIOKI has emerged in recent years as the dominant provider of Automatic Test Equipment in the industry. HIOKI E.E. is publicly traded company in First Section of Tokyo stock exchange.

HIOKI's dominance in each of the markets is based on an ongoing drive for perfect reliability in test equipment that meets the highest possible standards in performance. This same no-compromise philosophy permeates every aspect of HIOKI approach. HIOKI"s desire to build the highest quality support network has culminated in its partnership with HDI Solutions.

We believe that the ideal combination of technology and support is worth waiting for, and HDI can now equip you with a complete solution that will optimize critical facets of your manufacturing processes.

Find out why HIOKI and HDI is an unbeatable combination when it comes to printed circuit board testers. Call us today at (408)727-7800 or click to email us about what you should expect from an electrical test system.







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